Our Team

Rob Blankenship

As a retired Army Officer Rob acquired the ability to forecast plan and complete any requirement. As an aviator he learned methodical thinking, attention to detail and the high importance of safety. As a former Marine his dedication and drive to accomplish goals are beyond reproach. Prior to military service Rob excelled in skilled trades and has over 15 years of experience in Federal contracting, acquisitions, and logistics. Now partnered with VGC he is putting his abilities to work for your business or residential needs.

Mike Roland

Michael R Roland is the president of Veterans General Contractors he retired from the Army in August of 2014 after 28 years of service he was reserves until 911 and went back on active duty for GWOT his last duties we for the 191st INF BDE, and was a supervisor for a multi-Component (Active Duty, Army Reserve, National Guard) Training Support Brigade. After serving and honorably released from active duty he built this company along with other disabled veterans to provide a trusting relationship with our customers. Michael has been in the construction and site development since 1980 and has worked on many federal contracts, he and his partners are committed to go beyond the construction industry standard to provide all our customer with an outstanding finish product.